October 16, 2011

October News

Hello Everybody,

What an interesting month October is turning out to be! The month of Libra (the scales of justice) has brought needed attention to the plight of the 99% of Americans who are not millionaires and especially to their children (and many others) who have been struggling in this Great Recession economy. The scales of justice carries a sword but to their credit the vast majority of the Occupy Wall Street protesters have managed to remain peaceful and nonviolent in demonstrations all across the country and around the world. Paul and I have been very engaged in supporting the efforts to get the word out about what's been happening online on our Facebook pages and individual blogs. Both having been real journalists ourselves it has felt essential to counter news blackouts, misleading reporting and sometimes outright lies with reports, videos and photographs from people in the thick of things. It's also been very inspiring because the coming together as a response to corporate and political corruption we're seeing today was predicted in our book (although we had NO idea of the form it would take).

We know many of you read this newsletter (if you do) most often because of the spiritual nature of what we most often try to present. But we believe this IS a spiritual happening unfolding and feel so strongly about the importance of this that we want to give away the PDF download version of "Waking Up in the Great Recession Mormon Desert" FOR FREE to anyone who wants it. The print version and Kindle and Nook versions are still for sale but we want to see the message in this book carried far and wide so get yours by clicking here and send this link to anyone you think might be interested: http://www.healingcommunication.com/WAKING_UP_FILE.html

No additional articles this month. The book IS the article. Enjoy it!


Sheryl and Paul



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Sheryl also has been trying something out through her Mama Love shop on Etsy she'd like to extend to everyone on our list: Flower Essence readings via email! What's a "flower essence reading"? Dowsing for guidance using the Flower Essence Repertory by the Flower Essence Society as a guide! Seriously. Sheryl's been designing formulas like this for years. And gets lots of insight and help for other people now as well. Try it! Find out what the "flowers" have to say for your highest well-being. A flower essence reading alone costs $15. A reading with a related Mama Love perfume (1 dram) is $25. If you'd prefer a custom made 1 oz formula along with the reading it will cost $32.

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