June 2, 2019

June 2019 Newsletter

Hello Everybody!

So much news -- let's jump in.

What to Do When Spiritual Emergence Feels Like a Crisis

Because a potential client is going through a spiritual emergence process bordering on spiritual emergency, I discovered that the articles Paul and I wrote on the topic were no longer online! Perhaps some of you are interested in unexpected spiritual awakening experiences, difficulties with Kundalini, or how to access your own guidance in a healthy grounded way? I added our old articles on these topics to my blog:

If you're thinking about having a session be sure to read about how we work. If the note above was of particular interest, please know that as much as we deeply care about this issue and often do work with people on their spiritual development, we are not qualified to assist in a full-blown spiritual emergency. We want you to get the right kind of assistance—so please understand if we insist. Thanks!

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