December 1, 2018

December Mama Love and Healing Communication News

Hello Everybody,

What a month! As you may or may not know Paul and I live in Chico, CA which is just down the hill from the mountain communities affected by the Camp Fire. This was an incredibly horrific event as the town of Paradise was almost entirely burned to ashes and people had to run for their lives with only minutes to spare as flames burned all around them. 88 people died, more than 100 are still missing, and at least 50,000 were displaced from their homes. Most of them were evacuated to Chico (a small city of less than 100,000 people originally) and we’ve been in a humanitarian crisis of extremely challenging proportions ever since. 

Luckily, the thick smoke — off the charts of hazardous air quality —has finally been washed away, and aid from around the country and across the world has flooded in. We all have just begun quite the mutual journey but as the most popular local meme says: The Love in the Air is Thicker than the Smoke (and that meme came out when the smoke was at its worst).

Despite this, of course, many people have experienced a great deal of trauma. I have a special discount for evacuees wanting emotional care products for themselves, for friends and families hosting them, and those who want to send an emotional care package to them. (See below under “Blog Posts” for more info.)

Sheryl Karas


Blog Posts 

Special Offer to Help Evacuees from the Camp Fire

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