January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! News from Mama Love

Happy New Year!

Every day is a new opportunity to start again. But at the turn of the year, you get to join in with millions of people resolving to do the same thing. Instead of New Year's resolutions, though, I like to think about New Year's intentions. What do I feel good about from the past that I want to continue or build on? What do I want to improve and what would that look like? What do I want to see in the world? Yeah, New Year's intentions for the WORLD! What would that look like?

On the Healing Front

As many of you know I've been working through my own healing challenges lately. I had a lumpectomy for Stage O Noninvasive Breast "Cancer" in November. Actually a precancerous condition but standard medical protocol is to treat it the same as a cancer diagnosis. As you can imagine, Ms. All-Natural here has been having a hard time with that! But I've been trying to be pragmatic, do my research, do the right thing. I'm not against science! But I'm obviously not against alternative approaches as well.

One thing people don't realize is that for most people even alternative healing is a multi-stage process. You'd like to have one consultation, use one flower essence and ta da! All done! But healing isn't always so nice and tidy like that. These two blog posts show my own process, including how I've been using flower essences, Reiki and spiritual guidance to help me through:

New or Featured in My Shop

Organic Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)
I first heard about Brahmi when I worked as a family caregiving consultant for people taking care of someone with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia. I wound up writing about it because my clients were always asking if there were alternative or complementary approaches to help their loved ones. Read more.

California Valerian Flower Essence for Peace, Calm, and Less Worry About the Future

I took a few drops of this tonight and felt so happily transformed that I'm choosing to feature it here. Unlike Valerian herb, this is not typically for sleep. But I bet I will sleep better tonight! It helps you let go of worries and relax. Learn more . . .

Get Your Projects Off the Ground with Blackberry Flower Essence

As 2020 approaches and my thoughts naturally turn to changes I want to make in the new year, Blackberry is the flower essence that comes to mind first. I use it in a very favorite flower essence formula I call "Manifesting Life Purpose" because it helps with follow through and . . . Read more . . .