October 2, 2016

October Newsletter for Mama Love and Healing Communication

Happy Fall Everyone!

What’s on our minds today? The healing power of love: loving ourselves, loving others, loving the world. Our article today was written by Sheryl with improvements and additions by Paul.

Learn to Love Yourself

“What is this self inside us, this silent observer,
Severe and speechless critic, who can terrorize us,
And urge us on to futile activity,
And in the end, judge us still more severely,
For the errors into which his own reproaches drove us?”

-- T. S. Eliot

How many times do I believe I am being mistreated or expect to have that happen? How many times do I blame and mistreat myself? If you grew up with a constant and severe critic who has now been internalized as what you believe is "truth," I'm sure you feel the same as me: judged and judging, constantly whittling down every victory into its component parts—what went well, what could have gone better (perfect) with the tiny dark spots looming larger than the whole sky. Every opportunity for self-condemnation alternating with what we think is the solution for that: attempting to fend off criticism by expecting transgression on every corner and condemning others for every presumed slight. I actually think most of our society has slid into this state if what I read on my Facebook feed is any indication!
What is the solution to this? Well, there's more than one but I think it might help to make it a healing project. I get that reminder every time I use my Open-Hearted Loving formula. Sometimes I choose it not for any healing purpose but because it is my favorite perfume right now (called "Love Drunk" in my new Flower and Spirit shop). But that only serves to remind me of what it really is for.
Holly is perhaps the most noticeable flower essence in the formula for me. Holly is generally thought of as being for healing anger but it really addresses the feelings behind many sources of anger: the absence of love, love for oneself first and foremost, and feeling vulnerable to attack because of it. So it helps heal that (almost instantly at times). And when the heart opens and heals, love naturally extends to others. Love is perhaps our greatest natural state and the greatest healing.
Everything else in the formula supports Holly. Chamomile allows for softening of the spirit, relaxing the mind. Rock Water helps people be less hard on themselves and stop holding themselves to such (shall I say "mean-spirited"?) rigid standards. Walnut helps protect a person from damaging outside influences. Larch helps people think positively about themselves and their influence on others and the world.
Add in daily affirmations, counter negative self-talk, pay attention to if you are suddenly accident-prone (are you self-punishing or needing to pay attention to your mindset?), daily Reiki or other energy healing work (I infuse my Mama Love products with Reiki), meditation on lovingkindness, doing something nice for yourself that has no negatives or guilt like walks in nature or listening to music you love, a massage or even a spiritual counseling or healing session!

What’s New for Mama Love

I’m adding “old-fashioned” conventional flower essence-only formulas in dropper bottles. You use them by taking 4-5 drops under your tongue three times a day for about a month or by adding them to a glass of water and drinking that. If you know flower essences, you know that’s what MOST flower essence makers provide! Why it took so long for me to do this has something to do with the “damaging outside influences” I mentioned above. Let’s leave it at that. I have Open-Hearted Loving as a flower essence blend in a dropper bottle in my Etsy shop right now, will be adding it to my own Mama Love website soon!
I’m also in the process of shifting the name of my "Restful Sleep" formula to "Restful Nights.” Also a response to outside influence because the FDA now considers the word “sleep” to be code for a medical condition if you have trouble doing it. I doubt that the old name is an issue — it’s been called that for 13 years and a lawyer at Etsy thinks it’s fine — but as my packaging runs out for various forms of that formula I’ll be shifting over when I print labels for each one again.
And one last thing—by popular demand!–- I have brought back the Buy Three, Get One Free specials in my online shops and have shifted prices back to where I can safely offer that. And, because you are on my newsletter list, in my Etsy shop (only) you can use the coupon code NEWS10 at checkout to get an additional 10% off! 
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