January 9, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!

What does a person say about a year like this? And how do we move forward? Some people say pray for the best while preparing for the worst. We would say: prepare and intend for the best in this new situation. Prepare to create the best regardless of what’s happening.
It’s a slight shift in mindset. We think of it like this. When we lived in Santa Cruz we had a terrible earthquake that killed people, flattened large parts of downtown, destroyed businesses, livelihoods and homes. Things were never the same again, and some people gave up and left. But those who stayed helped each other clean up the mess and rebuild. Some people say the town is better than ever and others don’t. But the town did rebuild, and good things came of it. Intend the best and keep working to make it happen.
All the best! 
Sheryl and Paul

New from Mama Love

One of my recurring fantasies for Mama Love is creating emotional care packages. I’m still working out what will work, but I’ve always thought that if you have a friend going through a hard time, wouldn’t it be great to be able to send a gift that’s especially for emotional well-being? 
I’ve offered boxed sets of Mama Love oils, sprays or perfumes over the years, but I emphasized that it was a good deal rather than how it might make a great gift. This year I’ll be adding gift-oriented options like gift wrapping and gift sets that combine more than one kind of product from my line. For example, I just added a tea and mug gift set and, as soon as I can get it done, I’ll be adding Restful Sleep care packages combining my Sweet Slumber tea, a mug and my Restful Sleep bath oil or spray. As I said, I’m still coming up with ideas and I’m open to suggestion. But one thing I have decided is how to wrap them: white paper, a red silk rose, some nice looking greenery and tied up with string. (“These are a few of my favorite things…”) You’ll find my gift sets (as I make them) in this section of my Etsy shop.
I’m also starting to do a lot more custom flower essence formulas. Conventional flower essence formulas are almost always custom-made to a person’s specific needs. I have found my ready-mades sufficient for a wide variety of issues, but I make custom ones for myself and Paul nonetheless. It just makes sense for me to offer it to everyone else. You’ll find the listing in my Etsy shop as well.
As always, since you are a newsletter subscriber, use the coupon code NEWS10 at checkout and get an additional 10% off your entire order in my shop. 


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