April 6, 2017

Healing Communication and Mama Love News - April 2017

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Happy Spring Everybody,
As we spring forward into a new life at this time of year, I hope thoughts are starting to return to what you want to create in YOUR life (not just the world at large). Of course, the national scene in the United States happens to be a bit of an obsession for many, if not most, people these days. But if you’re starting to have the stirrings of recommitment to your personal path (albeit with a broadened perspective of how the greater world may intersect with that), then I believe you’re in sync with the energies of this time.
Paul and I haven’t been using this newsletter to actively promote our spiritual counseling and healing practice for awhile (personal and family reasons mostly), but it seems time to rectify that.
If you haven’t already, you might check out our website at http://www.healingcommunication.com. We do a serious practice working together as a team or individually with clients one-on-one (your choice, same price). The heart of what we do combines conventional counseling techniques with spiritual guidance and energy healing (when desired) and is always about helping you make positive choices for your life, change patterns that hold you back, and providing assistance for your spiritual and personal growth and development.
Paul and I are quite similar in what we do and what we’re interested in but bring complementary perspectives into the work. Paul has degrees in Religious Studies and Behavioral Science. His interest in helping people started with a serious meditation practice and spiritual awakening experience when he was just a teenager. He works with all kinds of issues (relationships, career, family relations, etc.) but has a particular inclination towards helping people with their spiritual development in the context of physical life.
I come to this work with a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and more than 30 years of experience as a peer counselor in multiple settings including the Alzheimer’s Association and Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center. I became interested in this work in the course of healing myself from a challenging chronic illness and have a particular interest in the mind/body/spirit connection as that was the key to my recovery. My Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy business came out of this as well. I also work with all kinds of issues but my inclination tends to helping people with ordinary life issues in the context of greater spiritual development.
Honestly, the differences between our approach are mostly subtle ones as we have learned a great deal from each other over the years. When we work together our clients gain from two sets of life experience and both a male and female perspective. It can be fun as we both have a sense of humor, and it can provide a lot of input to make use of. Of course, that can be overwhelming for some people so feel free to work with just one of us. If you feel more comfortable working specifically with a man or a woman, that’s the appropriate choice. Some of our clients have actually switched off between us, sometimes working with Paul, sometimes working with me. We’re fine with all of that.
Most of our sessions are happening via Skype these days. If you live in Chico, in-person sessions can be arranged at a mutually agreeable location. 


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