January 28, 2018

February Newsletter from Mama Love and Healing Communication News

Season of Healing for Women (and the World)

Hello Everyone!

Before I jump into this month’s article, I wanted to announce that my Reiki infused, flower essence aromatherapy dram oils are now being sold at The Codfish Cowboy! It's a very fun-looking shop offering a curated collection of handmade products and specialty items of all sorts on the West End of Long Beach, NY. They have lots of bath and beauty products, clothing, and gift items. The address is 891 W. Beech Street, Long Beach, New York. If you're in the area, do check them out!

Ideas for the “Season” from Mama Love

With news of sexual abuse and sexual harassment dominating the news juxtaposed with the season of love —Valentine’s Day—coming in, I have been thinking a lot about sex and love these days. And, specifically, what flower essences I might want to suggest people use (and use for myself)! There are a couple of different ways to work with flower essences that I think are important to consider. So that’s what I want to share with you today.

Ordinarily, people focus on the emotional pain they are grappling with (grief, anxiety, anger, etc.) and how to heal it so they look for flower essence and aromatherapy products that address it. So many women have been getting old buttons pushed this past year. If you have been a victim of sexual abuse or harassment, or need to confront ways in which you might be acting out and recreating negative sexual experiences yourself, you might be wanting to work with the feelings coming up around that. Please keep in mind that flower essences are not a substitute for professional counseling or even a great heart-to-heart with a friend! But as a complementary therapy, it's an awesome tool! There are MANY choices that you might consider and I’d be happy to do an email consultation with you to create a custom formula . But as a starting place, I just added to my Etsy shop these single unscented flower essences by FES, Reiki-infused by me, in dosage bottle strength (ready to use without diluting):

Black Cohosh: for the courage to confront abuse in a relationship rather than avoiding it, detaching from being enmeshed in the patterns that recreate the situation again and again. http://etsy.me/2GqsrSe

Black Eyed Susan: for self-awareness and the ability to integrate traumatic incidents you may have repressed or actively push into the shadows.  http://etsy.me/2Gp7tTO

Basil: for healing the disconnect between sexuality and spirituality that leads to addictive or harmful expressions of sexuality.  http://etsy.me/2BAMPwd

The other approach to working with flower essences (and perhaps this is most effective) is to think about what state of being you want to bring in. More love, more joy, more peace of mind? All of the flower essences mentioned above could be chosen from that point of view (courage, self-awareness, integration, etc.) But what about love for Valentine’s Day? Love for yourself, love for others? In that case, I suggest my Open-Hearted Loving family of formulas. They come in a variety of forms: unscented flower essence dosage bottles and sprays, scented sprays, and flower essence aromatherapy oils and perfumes.

Open-Hearted Loving
Unscented Flower Essence Dosage Bottles and Sprays: http://etsy.me/2EiPyNR
Flower Essence Aromatherapy Sprays: http://etsy.me/2BzFLjw
Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oils (dram size to easily carry with you): http://etsy.me/2BzNkqz
Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oils (1 or 2 oz for massage, bath or frequent use): http://etsy.me/2nordyj
Triple Strength Oil (light perfume, use just a dab or two): http://etsy.me/2rKkUdP
Love Drunk Perfume (eau de parfum (full strength) — makes a nice gift!): http://etsy.me/2GnaqEa


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