May 27, 2017

June 2017 Healing Communication and Mama Love News

Hello Everyone!

Hope you’re enjoying a healthy and positive Memorial Day weekend! 
We have a new next door neighbor who has a cat named Jack who wants to be our new best friend (he invades our apartment as often as possible). We miss having a cat and he must know that! So this month’s newsletter is devoted to pets.
But first, I’d like to announce that you can find Mama Love Products in two more retail locations starting this month:
• Herbie’s Natural Foods in Whittier, CA (14153 Whittier Ave.): I FINALLY got my products into southern California—I know several people on this list might be happy to hear that!  Herbie’s is a locally owned natural foods and supplements store with a Wellness Department stocked with all kinds of great choices. They are carrying a full selection of my most popular dram-sized flower essence aromatherapy oils.
• Open Doors Bookstore, Learning and Healing Center in Braintree, MA (395 Washington St.): Braintree is where I grew up! (I can’t begin to tell you how ironic that happens to be.) They are carrying a full selection of my flower essence sprays for pets.
Flower Essences and Your Pets
Did you know that the reason I went from a flower essence skeptic to a flower essence practitioner and product maker was after seeing the amazing transformation they initiated for my cat Chloe? It’s true! I wanted nothing to do with this modality—I thought it was weird beyond belief that a few drops of HIGHLY diluted flower tea preserved with brandy could do anything! But my roommate was gaga for them and when my vet recommended them for Chlo-Chlo Kitty I decided it was the perfect time to try an experiment. After all, my cat wouldn’t know what the flower essences were for so it was a great opportunity to rule out the idea of results being a placebo effect.
Chloe was a shelter kitty with lopsided markings on her face, who had greasy fur and suffered from a tendency to get sick easily. That’s her photo in the newsletter. She had lived in the shelter several months (somehow wasn’t euthanized) and watched her mom and all her litter-mates adopted before her. I was passing her by myself when she reached out a paw and patted me on the back. When I turned to look she rolled over on her back and reached both paws out and patted me again. I couldn’t help falling in love—no other cat at the shelter was acting like that. The staff was delighted! Chloe was a favorite of theirs because of her sweet and truly funny personality. But she was quite terrified to allow a new person into her heart. She would follow me around the house crying pitifully like she really wanted to be petted but then would yelp and run away whenever I would try to touch her. Nothing I did seemed to help.
So I used Mariposa Flower Essence with her, the flower essence for happier mother-child bonding, in conventional dropper bottle form. Chloe actually allowed me to give her the drops by mouth! (Don’t expect this with any other cat. Chloe loved water and in later years would even hop into the shower with me to play and get soaked in the bath.) Normally you would put the drops in their food or water or use my sprays lightly on their food or at a distance (if they don’t mind it) around their heads and bodies. But Chloe would literally open her mouth happily on her own as soon as she saw the dropper bottle to allow me to put the drops in her mouth!
The transformation was immediate and amazing! Within a few minutes of using this flower essence she let me pet her for the very first time, at least briefly, while she relaxed in the box she was using as a bed. Within a week she was voluntarily curling up with me in my bed and allowing me to pet her for long periods of time. And within a month her fur stopped being greasy, filled out and became fluffy and gorgeous!  She also remained a very healthy cat throughout most of her life.
When I decided to make a line of flower essence products for pets, in Chloe’s honor, I decided to focus on the issues most common with shelter pets. They’re all infused with Reiki and come in two sizes (1 oz and 2 oz):
• For Healthy Bonding: this uses Mariposa Lily as one of its main ingredients and is similar to what I used with Chloe. 
• For Happier Indoor Living: for helping a pet who used to be able to go outside and roam adapt to living inside in a much smaller territory.
• For Recovering from Grief and Loss: for pets who have not gotten over the death of a previous caregiver or abandonment.
• For Getting Along with Others: useful when introducing a new animal to a household with other pets
• For Healing Aggression: when a pet responds to an overstimulating or terrifying new environment by striking out in an overly self-protective way.
You can find both dropper bottles and sprays of these formulas in the “Pet Formula” section of my Etsy shop:
My unscented flower essence products for humans can also be used with pets. (And vice versa—if one of my pet formulas seems appropriate for you!) Ones from my list to most consider:
• Doing New Things with Confidence: great for training issues!
• Releasing Worry and Fear: for pets who suffer from excessive chronic fear.
I also can do a custom formula for your pets — or for you!

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