August 6, 2017

August 2017 Newsletter - Putting Your Needs First

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you’re having a good summer and that the news isn’t keeping you up at night. I’ve recently seen an interest in some formulas I created as experiments awhile back. They’re not part of my normal list — I just hand-write the names on the labels—but I’m thinking it might be good to highlight a few. The one I plan to focus on this newsletter has a name that doesn’t seem appropriate for helping people find it online. If you have any ideas about it, help me out! Thanks,



What Do You Think I Should Name This Formula?

I had a special request for a flower essence aromatherapy oil formula I decided to call “Putting Your Needs First” from someone who was struggling with making time and choosing to follow through on things like going to the gym or yoga class, eating a healthy breakfast, tidying her house, looking for a better job. I asked for guidance on it and received such an unusual response that I figured it was just specific for her situation. But then at least one other person wanted it, too, and I got curious one day and tried it for myself. It’s still not a standard item in my shop — I don’t think it is general enough —but I decided to make it available, made on demand, with a handwritten label. I don’t think that the name is quite right for what it really seems to be for (or, perhaps, who it is for). If you have any ideas on this, feel free to help me out!

So let me tell you about this formula.

First of all, it smells absolutely wonderful with Jasmine, Orange, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. Those oils also tend to be great for countering depression and lifting the spirits. 

I also use the following flower essences and that’s where this gets really interesting:

ALPINE LILY: for honoring yourself as a woman, especially helpful for having a healthier relationship with your body.

LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING: for acceptance and letting go of the pain lodged in physical world experience. This is most commonly used for grief and for being able to accept and move beyond a feeling of suffering. Given what it is usually used for, it seems like overkill for the purpose of getting the housework done. But, of course, cleaning the house doesn’t have to be suffering! So think of this essence as a mindset cleanser and for shifting from “woe is me” to “let’s get stuff done!”

DOGWOOD: also for ease in living in a body, and letting go of traumas related to physical existence. I always think of this as being for someone with physical distress (physical pain, disability) but it is also useful for anyone resisting tasks of everyday living for a variety of reasons—for example, worry about more “important” things. Dogwood allows you to have more enthusiasm for the practical side of life in a balanced way, being gentle with yourself (you don’t have to be a slave to your “to-do” list) and yet focused.

BABY BLUE EYES: for feeling at ease with yourself, knowing you are worthy of support and self-love, worth taking time for, especially if you’ve had the experience of abuse or abandonment in your life.

Generally speaking, this formula is for people who see the basic tasks of everyday living as a burden. It could be because of past abuse, excessive isolation, or due to the stress of living an over-worked, over-scheduled, overstimulating or overly worried and distracted kind of life.

What would you call a formula like that?

Here’s a link if it seems interesting to you: 

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