March 5, 2017

Mama Love and Healing Communication Newsletter - March 2017

Hello Everybody!
How’s life treating you? I’ve been working at taking Mama Love to the next level. And that means lots of cold-calling (something I tend not to do). I’ve put off this useful business task because it’s hard on the ego. You make calls to people you don’t know, to convince them to take a chance on something they know nothing about, you know there will be a lot of “no’s”, and no guarantee of adequate enough success. But don’t do it all? My business has definitely grown by new stores finding me. . . but that’s not exactly a game plan.
So I’ve been using one of my new formulas to help me and it REALLY has been a help! So I’m going to give you a report-back on that, but first I want to announce that you can find Mama Love at three more stores. The first found me and the next two were ones I approached on my own (yay!).
• Evolve Movement, a yoga and bodywork center with a gift shop in Raleigh, N.C. …
• New Earth Market, an organic grocery and health food store with a very large wellness department in Chico, CA… and
• Chico Natural Foods, a natural foods co-op, also in Chico, CA…

Report on Mama Love for Resolve and Determination

So the formula I’ve been using is Mama Love for Resolve and Determination, and I quite like it. This is one of the ones that people on my Facebook list requested and I'm embarrassed to say that I almost put this one out without trying it even though I always test my own products. That’s because I go through periods where I am SO driven, I was afraid that it might make that feeling worse. 
But that’s not what happened. The formula kept nagged at me to try it—I’d wake up every morning thinking “You really ought to do this.” So I did and was blown away! It did not jack me up as I feared it might do. Instead I felt still inside, centered, and strong. Not "fiercely" strong but . . . I'm searching for words . . . ready . . . able . . . sufficient. Calm inner strength. I actually cried because the relief was so palpable. I felt relaxed, at ease, and I experienced a shift in mindset. My usual approach of "get it done, get it done, you can DO IT, Go, Go, GO!!!!” faded back (which is good because even though it works to get me started, it has a tendency to lead to workaholism and burn-out). Instead I moved into a place of "I'm ready, I can do what has to be done, step by step. What I do today is sufficient. I will rise again tomorrow.” The result is more like "steady progress wins the race” than the jack rabbit approach I’m too familiar with.
So here’s what’s in it.
It contains the following flower essences:
    • Impatiens: for patience and acceptance of things taking time
    • Larch: for self-confidence and a positive attitude
    • Penstemon: for great inner fortitude and perseverance
And a complex blend of the following essential oils:
    • Bergamot: for relieving anxiety and depression
    • Cedarwood: for emotional fortitude, grounding and relief of stress
    • Sandalwood: for grounding, relieving depression and anxiety
    • Frankincense: for clear thinking and emotional fortitude
    • Myrrh: to fortify and revitalize the spirit
    • Clary Sage: for inspired action
    • Ylang Ylang: for relieving stress and anxiety
    • Sweet Orange: for encouraging a positive outlook and uplifting the spirit
The essential oil blend is one I had been using as a perfume called “Incense and Oranges” but, even though it is far more complex than most of my Mama Love formulas, it’s perfect for the combination of patience, calm, positive focus and inner strength this blend requires.
You’ll find Resolve and Determination in my Etsy shop now (and, hopefully, in my other shop later this week). 
• The oil dram-sized version attached to little cards:
• 1 oz and 2 oz unscented (flower essence only) sprays:
• 1 oz conventional flower essence dropper bottles:


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